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Used Equipment
CO2 (0cases/5cases)
Q-Switched_ND:YAG (2cases/29cases)
IPL (3cases/20cases)
Fractional_CO2 (1cases/9cases)
Fractional_RF (1cases/1cases)
Fractional_ER:glass (1cases/1cases)
Long-pulsed_ND:YAG (2cases/10cases)
Long-pulsed_Alexandrite (0cases/8cases)
Pico_Laser (0cases/0cases)
HIFU (4cases/19cases)
Diode_Hair_Removal (1cases/9cases)
Diode_Acne (1cases/2cases)
Diode_Laser (0cases/0cases)
Erbium (4cases/10cases)
Er:glass (1cases/3cases)
Thulium (0cases/2cases)
Needle_RF (2cases/9cases)
Ruby_Laser (1cases/1cases)
Excimer (0cases/0cases)
RF (4cases/16cases)
Ultrasonic_Wave (0cases/0cases)
Aqua_Shine_Injection (4cases/7cases)
Helium_Neon_Regeneration (0cases/0cases)
Helium_Neon_PDT (0cases/0cases)
Obesity_Equipment (9cases/18cases)
Aesthetic_Equipment (1cases/4cases)
Hair_Loss (1cases/2cases)
Skin_Diagnostic_Equipment (1cases/5cases)
Others (9cases/85cases)
Invasive_Laser (0cases/2cases)
Thermage (0cases/4cases)

Q-Switched_ND:YAG | 2016 Pastelle

페이지 정보

작성자 더마몰 작성일17-09-25 19:54 조회701회 댓글0건


■ 모델명:Pastelle
■ 제조사:원텍
■ 제조년월:2016년
■ 구입년월:2016년


중고) 원텍 사 16년식 파스텔 판매합니다.

상태 A급

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문의) 010 5006 2600으로 문의 부탁드리겠습니다. 


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